Spiritual Healing

The following types of alternative therapies and disciplines are offered to volunteers as part of the Rhiannon experience:

chakra woman2

The Journey

“The Journey is a powerful step-by-step means to find direct access to the soul, the infinite intelligence that is within us all.”

Brandon Bays’ Journey process is offered by Nicky for anyone looking for emotional or physical healing. The Journey process takes the participant through layers of emotion, and an encounter with unconditional love and forgiveness. Sessions last two hours on average. For more information about the Journey and Brandon Bays’ miraculous life story, please visit her webpage at www.thejourney.com.


Ninety minute Swedish massage sessions are offered to volunteers in their free time. Nicky studied massage in India and offers this relaxing, full-body massage with oil as part of her contribution to community life.

Massage Course

Apart from individual sessions, a 2-day introduction to massage course is offered to a minimum of three participants.  This course is described by Nicky as giving you the ability to give a really good full body massage with oil to a friend at a festival!!  It is not a professional training course.

Healing Energy Session

Individual healing energy sessions are offered to volunteers by  Nicky, who studied reiki for years under Tiffany Crosara in London.  Healing sessions work holistically to increase energy flow, release energetic blocks and bring healing on a general level.

An Introduction to Healing Energy Course – 3 Days

Nicky Offers an Introduction to Healing Energy Course for a minimum of 3 people.  The course contents are: Chakra Yoga Class, The Aura and the Chakras, Crystals and the chakras, working with a pendulum, Chakra meditation, being a Channel of Healing Energy & Treatment on Others, Hand Positions when giving Healing Energy, Practice Giving & Receiving, Interpreting Sensations and Receiving Information, Energy and Protection, Self-Treatment, Distance Healing and Practice of Distance Healing, Emotional Causes of Physical Pain, Working with Guides and Angels, Spirit Guide Meditation.  The course is designed to inspire and help people to first heal themselves and perhaps with time help friends and family.  It is not a professional training course.


Nicky teaches classical hatha yoga in the Sivananda style. She took her first teacher training in Kerala, India, and her advanced teacher training in Brazil. Yoga is offered in the afternoons, on average once per week.   However, the yoga room is a beautiful space for personal practice or for others to teach classes.  For more information about the Sivananda yoga style, please visit www.sivananda.org.

Card Readings

Nicky Offers Tarot and Goddess card readings for those who feel they need a bit of a mirror in their lives as to where they are at and the way forward.  Blue Star flower